There is probably nothing easier than to equip the kitchen in a luxury wooden house with a large area. But with a little holiday houses all in another way: have to find a place to fit all. It is necessary to think carefully all the options. Calculate how many will take the most necessary things in the kitchen: stove, sink, refrigerator, desk (to save space it can be done and dinner). Just remember that to save space all things better placed near the outer wall of the house. The very same kitchen (in cabins) have near the entrance.

And if there is also a veranda, it is an extra plus for the kitchen. In winter, the porch can be used for food storage, as well as summer dining room. And now let's talk about food in large wooden houses. After all, there can be given a flight of fancy. Immediately the question arose: how to give uniqueness and at the same time comfort of your kitchen? Kitchen in a wooden house should be planned with light of the interior of the house. And now a little about the main styles of cuisine in a wooden house.

"The Old Country Style Furniture in this style is made from pine, oak, alder and birch. The main features of this style – simplicity and practicality. All lines are straight, and the forms are correct. In the kitchen with this style there is nothing superfluous, things only those you need in life. Usually, all the furniture: tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood. Also in this style You can use wicker furniture. When you get into the kitchen with the look and feel, it seems that visiting his grandmother in a village. 'Old Russian style, "This style is totally similar to the" Old Country Style " but there is only difference. It can not do without the art of painting, woodcarving and forging. This style shows the breadth of the Russian soul. "Provence style" This is the direction come to us from France. How to plant, it is chosen and sophisticated, "proper" design. The main features of this style – the richness and elegance. Furniture in this style is made of wood or metal, but it looks easy. Facades – carved, forged – openwork, feet on the furniture – carved, these things are used in "Provence". Complement to this style are air curtains, silk upholstery of chairs and a variety of colors. "Vintage Style" This is too "Rich" area in the interior of the kitchen. The main features of this trend – modern gadgets and retro ago. How's that? – You ask. At first glance it looks like old furniture, but no. On the new wooden furniture iskutsvennym by causing signs of aging and Treschev. This style can be fashionable on the one hand, and the other is far away from our time. No matter what style you choose! Your kitchen should always be not only fashionable, but still clean and comfortable.