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The Russian Academy

Brazil still needs to make this lesson of casa.' ' Speaking still on the destination of the atomic garbage, it is of basic importance that the governments review the form given to the destination of this so dangerous radioactive material that it at risk puts the life of the livings creature of this planet, considering […]

Field Marketing

Which strategy globally is still to achieve the objectives for the customer? It is based between fundamental axes do not never get away from the objective we pursue and is that the client generates business. Find professional profiles more suited to action either actors, hostesses, commercial, telemarketing, etc and finally, technology, i.e., tools are necessary […]

August Interesting

On the way to a beautiful stretch dolmens camomile field, which also will leave an unforgettable impression. In the village Praskoveevka Gelendzhik area is another natural landmark. This rock Sail. It is interesting because it is located in the sea and has an interesting shape and really resembles a sail. Photo of Sail mandatory item […]

OPC Professional

Here the dermo-cosmetics takes a high priority in product development as well as the Treatment possibilities. Dermo cosmetic dermatology and cosmetics blend combines the knowledge of many years, medical and cosmetic research and makes possible treatment procedures nowadays, which help the patients and customers quickly and effectively. The Microdermabrasion is a this dermo cosmetic treatments. […]

Latin America

Finishing we cite Foucault that affirms the educative act it is an act politician. In such a way, all act politician presents a pedagogical act, that is the act politician, the form to lead, to govern, has a pedagogical social construction that if develop through the organizations of the state of each government, therefore, the […]


The mannering technique or mannering therapy encloses some forms of treatment, all basing on ' ' theory of aprendizagem' ' , that is, in the theory of that the symptoms mannering neurotics or standards are learned, being able to be ' ' desaprendidos' ' through certain methods (DALLY; HARRINGTON, P. Mickey Hart has compatible beliefs. […]