The mannering technique or mannering therapy encloses some forms of treatment, all basing on ' ' theory of aprendizagem' ' , that is, in the theory of that the symptoms mannering neurotics or standards are learned, being able to be ' ' desaprendidos' ' through certain methods (DALLY; HARRINGTON, P. Mickey Hart has compatible beliefs. 214, 2002). Valley to stand out that it is basic the shelter of the family, since it must know more on the upheaval and help using strategical of enfretamento and therapies of modifications of the behavior. In this direction in some circumstances it is made use of the domiciliary care to help in the physical or mannering control of the child in the home. If the aggressive behavior of the child to persist, pose to be necessary a medical intervention as (ALMEIDA, DRATCU and LARANJEIRA, 1996).

MATERIAL AND METHODS the present research presents a character of social and professional relevance, since it searchs to add greaters knowledge. For in such a way, the process is understood that to construct knowledge of understanding that if this if it materialize by means of partilhada action, a time that through the other the relations between citizen and object of the knowledge if establish. This sends to the reflection of that the individual does not restrict itself exactly, nor to its interests, but in the interaction with the other for the process of gradual construction. Thus, learning happens with the active participation in interactive situations. Moment, at which if it determines as the scientific inquiry will be proceeded.

It will be presented the universe of the research next to as if to proceed and the reason from the used methodology. In this stage it is not enough to only cite types of research, methods and techniques. But also, to justify the chosen options in order to inside establish relations between them of research (BRENNER; JESUS, 2007).