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Internet Music

According to the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, the number of Internet users in 2009 increased 2.5 times compared with the previous period in 2008. The main users of Interest in media networks have become resources that provide the ability to download video, music or watching movies online. The share of sites that […]

Grounded Bridge Topology

Also, these transistors are not cheap and produces only a few companies in the world. The conclusion is obvious: the problem requires different topological and technological solutions. Dynacord's patented Linear Grounded Bridge Topology ('Linearized vanny grounded bridge'), used previously in UM EV Dynacord L2400 and R3000, proven high power, reliability, combined with high quality sound. […]

Electric Guitar Use

Learning to play the electric guitar – is a complex and serious business. It’s no secret that many famous guitarists were self-taught, but despite this, managed to achieve in his mastery of great heights. And more recently, especially in our country, the situation with teaching materials for music was more than difficult. Simply put, most […]

Russian Team

Russian AK-47 group, performing rap music in the works of two people: Victor Gostyukhin Brylin and Maxim. The boys grew up not far from Yekaterinburg in Berezovsky's why this city is the place where he founded the group Ak-47. Victor began writing rap even as a student at the school. As Victor himself said Ak, […]

Orthodox Nikita

It seems not yet realized that the Soviet era, when film critic and a half once a month, wrote a review in the journal "Soviet Screen" are gone. Today, any viewer can present their own experiences in the network, without constraining themselves of fear and censorship. And if the audience presents an interesting and in […]

William Shakespeare

knowing all that, I do not know nothing. ” There is reason to believe that in both ballads Villon wrote still not talking about myself. Most likely he was referring to all the other people who, no matter how extensive knowledge and outstanding abilities they did not have science, technology or art, not knowing himself, […]