Grounded Bridge Topology

Also, these transistors are not cheap and produces only a few companies in the world. The conclusion is obvious: the problem requires different topological and technological solutions. Dynacord's patented Linear Grounded Bridge Topology ('Linearized vanny grounded bridge'), used previously in UM EV Dynacord L2400 and R3000, proven high power, reliability, combined with high quality sound. One of the key advantages of the topology of 'grounded bridge' is to significantly reduce surges in output stages, which allowed the PA to create a highly reliable, outstanding peak output voltage is 200V without using more exotic ingredients. Boca power or the flip side of today power supplies (PSU) of modern high power amplifiers – sophisticated devices with advanced circuitry. The basic principle of power output stages of amplifiers, Class H – the so-called 'Toss voltage': at low levels of input voltage is minimal. But with increasing input voltage power supply such 'throws wood into the furnace. " Accordingly, bystrodeys tvie of BP, is constantly engaged in monitoring of the input should also be high, as the components are often used in ultrafast Schottky diodes.

In this part of the power adapter could be built as the momentum principle, and performed on the traditional toroidal transformer. In amplifiers and Dynacord N2500 N5000 used a three-tiered 'toss' supply. It is easy to see that this approach also greatly reduces heat amplifier output stage receives from the power supply as much power as needed. The result is an analog amplifier Dynacord N5000 with an output of 7kW (!) At a height of 2U and weighing 14.5 kg.