Urgent Change Europe

The neo-liberal model that is being followed to build and govern Europe times. And it is not surprising that the rulers do not have ideas. They have years mulling the same and without success: more flexible market, lower wages, promote capital and what they have done is in sight. Today there are more poor people in Europe, more precarious workers, less growth in the economy but that Yes, many more benefits accumulated by the enterprises. And, in addition, a few benefits that do not generate more productive investment or create more jobs, as predicted the advocates of neo-liberal policies. Instead, they have focused on speculation and we are now suffering the biggest of the last century crisis. Speculative capitalism eats capitalism! Before, when they climbed the prices, they said that he had to moderate wages for that not to continue climbing. Now, when they say that we must prevent the fall of prices to avoid deflation, not only speak of raise wages, but that they keep saying that it should moderate them.

It is not not have ideas to create jobs. That simply do not have is a willingness to confront the powerful interests that do not need jobs to earn money, or want to contribute with their taxes to provide resources that allow to create it. You could create employment in Europe from tomorrow: forcing the European Central Bank to finance spending programs designed to generate social capital rather than continue giving money to banks that are insolvent and that everything you receive spend (needlessly because the hole is immeasurable) to try to save their balance sheets. Tax reform that burdened the speculative activities, assets and profits from them to change the production model in Europe and thus encourage the use of endogenous resources and sustainable economic activity could carry out. In Europe there are more than 60 million poor people, a very large deficit in health, education, research and innovation, equality and conciliation, in environmental management and development of our energy sources, in international cooperation, development of ecological agriculture, cultural integration and in all these areas the activity could be source intensive of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Clear that encourage this activity would require support to new companies, new economic interests and, above all, ir blocking path to which now dominate European markets around somewhat wasteful, unsustainable, but very profitable to produce and distribute resources.

And it would require new instruments for decision that empoderaran citizens, as they empoderarian also if they enjoy a salary and a decent job, which is what is actually preventing with the measures taken. It is clear. You have to take those political leaders who even recognize that they have no ideas, and begin to build another Europe. Juan Torres Lopez Catedratico of economy applied of the University of Malaga original author and source of the article.