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Prefabricated Sheds

For the erection of prefabricated sheds enough and lightweight foundation. The more massive structure, the more powerful it must be the foundation – it is an unquestionable truth, which, in turn, affects its the final price. For example, during the construction of a stone building in a floor on the foundation costs amount to about […]

Construction Bio

This flame retardant immediately became increasingly popular among professional builders in the tree. Senezh gained popularity in the Soviet times when the required effective flame retardant. The material is designed to Senezh ognebio comprehensive fire protection and biosecurity wood – fire protection, flame propagation and decay, as an antiseptic against mold, blue stain and insect […]

Building Regulations

Panel building, constructed in the 60 -90 years and the more recent panel buildings need repair and seal joints interpanel. The space between the panels must be filled, and the seam should be sealed, otherwise between panels and cracks in the panels gets wet, ice is formed and the building collapses. On Building Regulations and […]


Interestingly, the non-woven wallpaper rolls are burning and eager as everyone else. A special strength, resistance to abrasion and moisture, they acquire only after stickers and coloring. Fiberglass painted to produce a completely different technology. They consist of fiberglass yarns that are produced from silica sand, soda ash, dolomite and lime. Such a coating during […]

Install Acrylic Liner

Probably all familiar with the situation when, after a long life, a bath is not very attractive. The enamel is gradually erased from the frequent use of cleaning chemicals, it becomes rough and not pleasant to the touch to the body. Enamel color fades and becomes a bath with a reddish tinge. Whatever is spent […]

House Logs

1. Wooden House, House, Beam home, wooden bath, wooden cottage (out of a bar, a log house, log otsilindrovanogo, square and D-shaped timber) – always have clean air, the humidity in the building is maintained at an optimum level regardless of external conditions, which ensures a comfortable stay. 2. Within the walls of wooden houses, […]

Bonding Flooring Linoleum

Linoleum – a material that does not let moisture, so moisture, which can not remain in the dried ground will be a very long time to evaporate. As a result, violated the strength of gluing, some types of putty in this case even subject to degradation, which leads to the coating may peel off, wrinkles, […]

Cathodic Protection

According to experts around the metal loss, including a lot of broken metal constructions, products, equipment, range from 10 to 20% of annual steel production. PAINT The first attempts to prevent corrosion are all sorts of ways than a "cover up" the metal – so the paint industry was born. First, of course, painted, than […]

Home Insulation

I was told a lot about the dangers of the inner wall insulation. Practically, all the articles one way or another relate to this problem. So I got a letter from the critical (to put it mildly) the content, after which I decided to analyze once again return to the topic of internal insulation and, […]

Vapour Barrier

Over the insulation on the inside mount and vapor control layer (IZOSPAN or plastic wrap). Vapor mounted on bearing structural elements (rafters, beams, frame uprights). Installation is a bottom-up panels with horizontal overlap with an overlap of at least 100 mm, all seams taped vapor barrier should be germeteziruyuschimi ribbons. Breaks vapor barrier is not […]