Interestingly, the non-woven wallpaper rolls are burning and eager as everyone else. A special strength, resistance to abrasion and moisture, they acquire only after stickers and coloring. Fiberglass painted to produce a completely different technology. They consist of fiberglass yarns that are produced from silica sand, soda ash, dolomite and lime. Such a coating during the manufacturing process connected with the paper-based. Material are of different density and structure, with beautiful textures, reliefs and ornaments.

Glass fiber have a number of valuable qualities, among which we mention the decorative and the ability to adjust minor flaws in the walls. To improve fire safety fiberglass handle impregnated, its composition manufacturing companies keep secret. Glass fiber is smooth and embossed, and weave simulates various textures and drawings: ‘mat’, ‘Tree’ ‘Spider’, ‘diamonds’ and before glue fiberglass wallpaper, it is recommended to cover the wall surface of latex primer neutral color. Material attached to the walls with special glue and then painted water-dispersion paints (latex or acrylic). The main advantage of ‘windows’ – exceptional strength and durability (wallpaper easily withstand frequent washing with brushes). Thanks to the strength and durability, fiberglass have been used successfully not only in homes but also in offices, hotels and other public places. Glued as simple as paper and non-woven. But then they pull out from the wall very hard, therefore considered that they are still fit for office.

Although, as you like. Preparation Before you start, you need to prepare the wall – to remove old wallpaper. To do this you must wet the wallpaper with water – it needs to spray them with an atomizer. If there is no spray – Take a plastic bottle, cap, do 5 – 8 holes with an awl and a homemade spray that spray the wall. Be careful – before treatment walls of water, disconnect all electrical wiring.