Install Acrylic Liner

Probably all familiar with the situation when, after a long life, a bath is not very attractive. The enamel is gradually erased from the frequent use of cleaning chemicals, it becomes rough and not pleasant to the touch to the body. Enamel color fades and becomes a bath with a reddish tinge. Whatever is spent on new and not always better than before the bath, there is an excellent way to replace enamel – set the acrylic liner in bath or apply a new enamel, for example Stacril or enamel baths Epoksin.Vosstanovlenie with liner For starters, you need to make measurements of your bath and get the right size for your acrylic liner in the bath. The new coating has a thickness of 6 mm, and it does not need to repeat the exact contours of your old bathtub. And the benefits of the liner and the fact that you can choose any shade cover and even a picture that no ordinary bath. Before installation, remove the bottom row of tiles adjacent to the bath, no matter what he interfered with the installation of acrylic liner. Then, you must free up space around the entire bath, in order that we could then put on old bath new acrylic fiber.

You also need to unscrew and remove the upper and lower sinks bath. Then the bath is applied to a special polyurethane foam with an adhesive effect, then smeared with a special sealant to the ground and upper bottom discharge. And now you can wear acrylic bathtub in the bathroom and back to set all the plums. New bathroom can be used within a day after installation. Usually on the job takes two to three hours. Acrylic liner has many advantages, such coating is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals and acids. But it is easily scratched and therefore you should not use abrasive detergents when sanitized.

For this purpose there set of tools based on the acid and chlorine. And if you follow all the recommendations, then this tub will last you 15-20 years. And if you can not or does not desire to restore self-enamel bath, you can use by experts who quickly and efficiently to repair the baths: the restoration of enamel baths, painting, enamelling enamels Stacril (Stakril) or Epoksin, method – liquid bath tub liner.