Russian Team

Russian AK-47 group, performing rap music in the works of two people: Victor Gostyukhin Brylin and Maxim. The boys grew up not far from Yekaterinburg in Berezovsky's why this city is the place where he founded the group Ak-47. Victor began writing rap even as a student at the school. As Victor himself said Ak, "After I mastered computer technology and was able to tie their own poems and fantasies, I created my first song in rap in school. Personally I have not experienced as a rap over the music Stebaev teachers and classmates to present them as MS grapes. As the head of every rapper in his works, wants to put across serious intentions, and his songs are serious, I just advancing this point. Presenting himself as Inkognito, I was able to get up at the start and began writing lyrical songs about love, carrots and so on.

One day he heard a group of Nepal, I drew attention to their work. From the three people I could only interested in Maxim. I wrote a few pieces from Nepal and realized that the lyric songs is not my thing. I sat down and began to think how to organize group to be able to write words and music in the style of rap. First normal song, we were able to record in the studio.

After recording a few songs we were recording in the studio Bustazz Records. Music writes the songs in the main Victor and words they write together. Although music education there is not one of them. Victor studied at the programmer in college, he studied at the Max theater. Elders in the group is Victor Gostyukhin, 23 years old. Songs of guys write in primarily for themselves, and students in the future are identified, they are better for the soul. Now the Internet is replete with inscriptions such as "Download music Ak-47", indicating that in the first place on the popularity of this group. The songs guys trying to describe their lives, express themselves in such a way as there are swear words, and errors in words. Seriously guys do a musical work for a long time. In 2006 came the flowering of popularity among their works have already been a couple of songs well known to listeners. Their works have become so common that even sold on pirated discs. After some time the guys have recorded with some well-known rap artists. Nowadays you can find a lot of fan clubs that have a site dedicated to the group where you can download albums for free AK-47.