Metal Doors: Domestic Or Imported

Not so long ago imported inputs elite metal doors filled the entire Russian market. Since the quality of the products was high, besides those metal doors differed in appearance from the domestic doors. Imported inputs metal doors look very nice and solid. To date, domestic entrance metal doors are more popular and in demand than their imported relatives. A The thing is that domestic producers have learned to produce the input metal doors better, than ever before. In this regard, much reduced imports of foreign entry door to our country. And this, certainly good news.

Modern Russian technologies allow to produce the input metal doors of different types of metal, of various sizes and configurations. Steel and iron doors are most popular among the population, so they are more reliable and have reasonable prices. Although the prices of steel doors is slightly higher than the price of similar iron doors. The main advantage enjoyed by domestic input metal doors is that through the use of welding thick sheets, fabricated metal doors have more weight to the same door frame and hinges certainly made this into account. The resulting design is mainly used in suburban homes. But the import door without such virtues as well as their weight is lighter, but such input metal doors can be decorated with inlays of armored glass, or natural wood. Today in the price of such trees as beech, oak, pine, birch and others.

At the present time there are companies who manufacture input metal doors on individual orders. These companies have a designer or artists that are specially designed model of the front door, then after the approval of the customer sketches, wizard manufactured product itself. For solidity entrance metal doors decorate the wrought iron products. Products Wrought give it a special chic and unique. After all, imaginative master artists simply gush with their ideas. Choosing water, metal doors, guided by your own taste and the information that you received here.