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For Rogers

Word-key: Relation professor-pupil, facilitador, problem of learning. Introduction Leaving of the premise of that the learning is a continuous and gradual process, that permeia all the stages of the development of the human being and integrate its aspects physical, intellectual, emotional and social, is that if it can understand the learning as a not transfervel […]

Jonh Bowlby

I fight it does not have to be understood as pathological, therefore after a time it can be surpassed without no interference. According to Pincus (1989), the shock is the first reply the death of a loved person and this will be more intense if the death will be sudden or unexpected. This shock can […]

The Following

After all, each time more is perceived how much it is important not to think the organization about a social vacuum. The organizacional psychology and of the work thought about diverse strategies to deal with the derivational relationary problems of the existing forms of work. Being that such strategies had crossed, according to Zanelli (2004), […]

Interpret Dreams

Dreams for interpretation should be selected. Firstly, if the vision was vague or, as in the movie, spun indifference and separate from you – in the dreams of little good. Sleep should sink into the mind, maybe not all but only some part of it, detail or movement, should stock up in the soul. The […]

Biologically Active Food Supplements

Supplements – a food intended for adjusting the diet, providing vital body substances (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients). In Nowadays it is difficult, almost impossible to get everything you need from food. The fact that the energy consumption of modern man, on average 2400 calories a day. A hundred years ago, a man […]


The auditory or ecica memory (echo means repetition) allows to perceive what we hear to us, therefore holds back the auditory information for a short space of time, making possible the linking of the one phrases speech. The sensorial memory is constituted by percetivas images that normally are lost, but that they could be processed […]

Nursing Professional

This process of negation of the death leaves, evidently, serious sequels in psique of the call ' ' man moderno' ' , including there the nursing professional. Its symptoms are disclosed in different ways, going of the simple negation until the extreme terror that cause depressions, the calls syndromes of panic and other types of […]

Wilhelm Wundt

Saint Augustin distinguishes the presence from the past (covered by memory), of the gift (perception) and the future (prospection); it studied the habit and the memory. They are Toms de Aquino affirmed that the experience of the directions and the truths of the faith come of God. It found in the soul five sorts of […]