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The Internet Generation

Currently, the medias do not compete primordially between itself, but also with the common users, who together finish all structuralizing a collective intelligence and spreading information for the universe on-line. (ANDERSON, 2006) In agreement still with Anderson, the two main Long Tails that are transforming the way journalistic are the Long Tail of the temporality […]

The Profession

Figure 1? Graph that presents the professions of integrant of the project the Women A thousand Figure 01 specifies the profession of the integrant ones of the project, 62.16% of the pupils works, 16.21% exert activities as the artesanato it fishes and it of shellfish and 45.94% exert other activities. However, the artisan activities appear […]


Since its sprouting in the land, the man comes provoking different interferences in the way where it lives. At the first moment it started to interact with the way through the creation of animals and at as a moment with agriculture, at this time the modifications already were perceivable, but far from an ambient disequilibrium, […]

Plant Hydroelectric

The basin of the river Chopim bes situated in the southwestern part of the state of the Paran, between the parallels 2530? 2640? of South latitude and meridians 5130? 5320? of longitude West. This basin possesss a length of 147Km and an area of draining of 7500Km2 basically develops in the direction the Southeast-northwest. (CLOSE-WOVEN […]

Water Source

In the European summer, for example, if it has verified an intense wave of heat, provoking even though child and death aged (www. ografia). Some conferences on the Environment, already had been carried through alerting the world, as of Bali (Indonesia), Copenhagen? Coris (Denmark) among others, and little has left the paper. One of […]