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The Cocktail Analysis

The future establishment of enterprise dynamic social networks, according to consultants like Gartner, and The Cocktail Analysis, is almost a fact. He is considered that you by 2015, approximately 25% of the companies rely improving your effectiveness and productivity in the analysis of social networks the mails will be replaced by 20% by social networks […]

Conference Calls

Cloud-based services have changed the way they interact for professionals. Professionals can operate with their partners abroad, launching a virtual conference in just a few clicks on the web. Whether it’s for a business, financial or a sales presentation information meeting, there is no need to organize internal meetings and bring together all partners in […]

Professional Office

Of course you have the study of niche market made and these organizing the site. Where do you start? Well, the first thing you have to do is design a Web where the main action is subscribe to the greatest number of potential visitors. You can divide it in the following way: 1. who we […]