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The Equipment

Some of wells in the plate are destined to place standards and controls. The standards allow to define the points of cuts (the controls are well-known amounts that are used to measure the success of the test, evaluating the data received against the concentrations established for each control. The process before described is common, although […]

Alston Train

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – After the privatization of National Railroads of Mexico in 1997 that even could cost the life to him to the leader Praxedis Fraustro Esquivel in 1993 the trains of passengers disappeared in a forceful backward movement in that sector. While the countries of first world bet to the quick trains, like […]

Plant Hydroelectric

The basin of the river Chopim bes situated in the southwestern part of the state of the Paran, between the parallels 2530? 2640? of South latitude and meridians 5130? 5320? of longitude West. This basin possesss a length of 147Km and an area of draining of 7500Km2 basically develops in the direction the Southeast-northwest. (CLOSE-WOVEN […]