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The Internet Generation

Currently, the medias do not compete primordially between itself, but also with the common users, who together finish all structuralizing a collective intelligence and spreading information for the universe on-line. (ANDERSON, 2006) In agreement still with Anderson, the two main Long Tails that are transforming the way journalistic are the Long Tail of the temporality […]


The structuralized called toys are not those that not being industrialized, are simple objects as woods or rocks, that at the hands of the children acquire new meaning, thus passing to be a toy. The rock if transforms into comidinha and the wood if it transforms into pony. Therefore, we saw that the toys can […]

Modern Aluminum Doors

Aluminum – a metal that now occupies a leading position in the market of construction building materials. Most of the metal produced is used for these purposes. Aluminum occupies a special place in the industry manufacture of doors for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Today the doors of aluminum and aluminum alloys are installed in […]


For the situations that the results will not be the desired ones we must review each action individually and consider modifications with focus in the result. The activities of a company tend to be modified, the necessities of the customers in a globalizado environment are dynamic being indispensable changes in the project in accordance with […]

Knowledge Sharing

Applied to the sharing of the knowledge – Knowledge Sharing: all are inserted here those tools that they aim at to give to support or contributions for the sharing of information and the integration enters the employees in the organization, prioritizing the tacit knowledge. As strategical tools of this group they are of Groupware (having […]

Choice First

The importance of the Choice of its first motion. If we will be to ask for the people who are buying a motion of any model, why you this choosing this motion, being that this is its first motion, you will have so diverse answers that it does not go to obtain to mensurar the […]

CLR Technician

It is important also to say that these you practise of system invasion can damage its computer therefore when if this invading a system if cannot count on the action of antivirus, firewall here or any program of security of computers beyond having that to only count on an interface CLR pondendo to cause serious […]

Cascading Style Sheets

SegundoBoulos et al (2010), this type of edition has a muitosemelhante way to other generators of images in two dimensions (2D), beyond tagscanvas to be compatible with the leves Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). 3,2 Elements for content availability new tags of availability decontedo have as objective to increase the semantics of the page, being thus […]


To reduce the cash prizes for the individual, but is now about to maximize pleasure and good feelings money profits instead of. True, individual people’s needs, which can freely develop its essence because they have been educated and trained is based on this variety of inventors and visionaries. That is very contrary to the manipulated […]

Government Grants

Interview with Reinhard piece and Ralph Strobel ‘New mobility’ what know to date few: product developments in the area of electric mobility can be subsidized by the State. In the conversation with the management consultants Reinhard piece (4L-Gruppe) and Ralph Strobel (BER Marketing GmbH) is clear, how can benefit above all small and medium-sized enterprises […]