Jena Leipzig

Conference 125 years mail order in Germany and 5 years E-commerce network – action “Take 5” for startups in Central Leipzig. 125 years ago the success story of the German mail order company started in Leipzig. An occasion for the network insight E-Commerce (, to organize its 5th Annual Conference under auspices of the Sven Morlok, Saxon Finance Minister, in Leipzig. Under the motto “Take 5”, five regional newcomer get companies in the field of E-commerce the chance to participate free of charge in the network Conference. “Of course our five year anniversary compared to the 125 years of German mail order looks modest, but our network presents the future of the industry.

And that is online”, says Kerstin Schilling from the insight E-commerce network. Behind it are over 50 companies from the field of electronic commerce. The participant list reads like the who’s who of the industry, also the image of the “reunion of the E-Commerce” already circulated. To make it easier for young companies, at this meeting in be, newcomers from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia will be drawn in a special action for E-Commerce five individual tickets for the two-day Conference (under participation: insight-ecommerce/take5) “we are looking forward to new names that continue to grow the E-commerce. In the environment Leipzig commercial college, as well as various central universities and universities of applied sciences Jena Halle-Leipzig originated in the economic area an exciting and commercially successful balance mass of companies whose successful developing on quite central to broadcast begins. “This is a process, we are happy to assist – as Kerstin Schilling. Anniversary: In 1886 gave the Leipzig company Mey & Edlich the first illustrated catalogue out and supplied their customers now mail shirts with paper collars. The anniversary conference “125 years of German mail order – the future is online” from 22 to 23 November 2011 in the media campus Villa IDA Leipzig is under the patronage of the Saxon Finance Minister Sven Morlok.

She supported Leipzig-Halle logistics and the Federal Association of German mail order (bvh) by the partners network. Description of the company the “insight E-Commerce” (IEC) is the established since 2007, leading event for the German E-commerce industry. It represents a living network of scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, developers and users of E-commerce software. The insight E-commerce partner network currently includes 50 companies, 200 customers and 20 media partners.