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Build Wooden Houses

Quite often, the happy future owners of the houses asking the same question: "Are you from the woods? Not because of the Chernobyl accident under? "Indeed, if we follow the logic, the best wood – wood is the northern, in exactly Chernihiv, Zhitamirskoy, Kyiv region, the most affected areas of our country from the Chernobyl […]

Cutting Tools

Mechanical engineering will play a leading role in accelerating scientific and technological progress in the economy of our country. The characteristic features of its development is the automation of technological processes, wider introduction of robotics, flexible manufacturing systems, ensuring high productivity. The cutting tool attached to the workpiece the desired shape and size. Its efficiency […]

Hardwood Lumber

Birch – the most common hardwood. Its wood – this is a typical sap breed, without a nucleus, with a pale-yellow, close-grained, firm and well-Foldaway, hard wood. Beautiful texture cross-grained Karelian birch wood is used in the production of decorative plywood and furniture. Of conventional produce birch parquet. In humid conditions, birch quickly rots and […]