Hardwood Lumber

Birch – the most common hardwood. Its wood – this is a typical sap breed, without a nucleus, with a pale-yellow, close-grained, firm and well-Foldaway, hard wood. Beautiful texture cross-grained Karelian birch wood is used in the production of decorative plywood and furniture. Of conventional produce birch parquet. In humid conditions, birch quickly rots and warps. Oak – the most valuable wood breed.

Oak wood has a beautiful brown color with a distinctive texture that breaks easily in the radial direction. After keeping the oak barrel for a long time in the water, you can get black and solid wood. Bog oak by quality is much higher than ordinary wood oak. This timber, along with light and other breeds are used in intarsia, and combining with the metal, amber, and plastics – in the inlay. Oak wood has tannins that protect it from exposure to germs.

This property is of oak wood used in critical structures and in damp conditions. Oak is used for making window and door units, especially exterior doors, parquet blocks. Aspen – its core, like birch, merges with the sapwood, weakly discernible annual rings. Aspen wood greyish-white in color with some reddish tint. It is light, soft, staple, weak in relation to loads quickly rots in wet conditions. Aspen used to produce plywood, matches, crates, individual items of furniture. In construction, aspen is used in the constructions walls and ceilings. Ash – its wood is yellowish sapwood core and broad with distinct annual layers. Wood is elastic, hard, dense, slightly softer than oak, and has good resistance to bending. Wood ash oak a little lighter, it is used for furniture. Plywood, Ash has a beautiful texture. Are made from ash handrails stair railing, skis, musical instruments and so on Maple – sap breed. Wood had a white iridescent glitter with, sometimes slightly pinkish or yellowish. Maple wood is dense, hard, shiny, well polished. Breed malostoykaya. The texture is white. Not only dries up well handled. It has a glossy surface. Has the ability to change color (slightly) depending on the light falling on it. Maple wood is used in the carpentry business for the manufacture of bentwood furniture, musical instruments (drums, guitars, violins, wind instruments), rulers, skiing, spinning wheels, fists mill wheel, gun boxes, maple went to shoe-nails, meat pack, rims, ax (the best – of Tatarian maple). In the old days of were making maple kitchen appliances and a paddle. Maple sugar is made of bowling pins, baseball bats (although less frequently than hickory or ash).