Home Insulation

I was told a lot about the dangers of the inner wall insulation. Practically, all the articles one way or another relate to this problem. So I got a letter from the critical (to put it mildly) the content, after which I decided to analyze once again return to the topic of internal insulation and, thus, to bring some results. By the way, this letter. Nonsense, ten years stood the foam inside the room, wallpapered, recently changed his usual box of the euro shot lists – The wall is dry, as if plastered yesterday, no streaks of water between the wall and skirting board, even at minus 20 is not observed, half the house done within the scheme – roofing material, mineral wool 5 cm proolifeny DSP, everything is dry, do not rot – the same 10 years.

On heat transfer: in the absence of insulation in winter the temperature never rose above 18 while working at full capacity heating, after the device – while working at half capacity for heat up to 26 even at minus 30 outside – all the neighbors went to the tour this winter did not believe! Humidity in the house has not increased but even decreased after warming. After installation European windows once installed a ventilation, such as a bathroom, with an adjustable flow Waiting for winter We’ll see. So that citizens ‘theorists’ do not paint pictures with terrible water at home weatherization. And then people read and believe. Sorry did not sign. Igor. See how things happen? Did, and everything about him is remarkable.

And you, dear readers, Do not listen to me, a theorist! Decorate your walls from the inside foam and live in his pleasure. Still famous in the whole village! And how warm the house is only foam that’s the question. And what about Alexander? Yes. From hence on the ‘fault’ who started this whole series of articles?