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Wilhelm Wundt

Saint Augustin distinguishes the presence from the past (covered by memory), of the gift (perception) and the future (prospection); it studied the habit and the memory. They are Toms de Aquino affirmed that the experience of the directions and the truths of the faith come of God. It found in the soul five sorts of […]

Embalmers Relatives

They called him also alma and represented it in the form of Gavilan human head, which went flying from his mouth at the time of death. They thought that the soul or double, had at the same time the need for a body, and for this reason it was necessary to provide you a service […]

Research Objectives

There has also been a change in the teacher, who is required not only impart knowledge but to teach learning to learn. In recent years we have implemented several educational reforms, the LOGSE, LOCE, the LOE, educational reforms with changes in structure, curriculum, assessment criteria, etc. Teachers daily lives of the students lack of motivation, […]

Spanish Association

Born a new Blog theme, with the sole mission of helping companies, professionals, bloggers, etc. to promote and position their Web sites on the Internet. We all know that content is King, which is that faster indexed are, what people search on the Web for information, etc. do then why not share, interact and appreciate […]