Embalmers Relatives

They called him also alma and represented it in the form of Gavilan human head, which went flying from his mouth at the time of death. They thought that the soul or double, had at the same time the need for a body, and for this reason it was necessary to provide you a service to his corpse to prevent decomposition of the same. Herodotus refers to as it came: there are in each city, profession Embalmers. When relatives of the dead body to the Embalmer, it shows them models painted wood and asks them what want. There are three kinds of different prices, the more expensive model representing the God Osiris. When relatives have agreed the price, will be, as the Embalmer working at home. In the embalming of first-class, start by removing the brain through their noses with a curved iron and dissolving it with a liquid that does penetrate the head. Then open the side, take by opening the bowels, washing them with Palm wine, sprinkle them with crushed aromas.

Immediately fill the belly of myrrh, cinnamon and other perfumes and sewing again it. Thus prepared, the corpse is put in soda salt for seventy days. After these, it is washed and cinched with fabric bands smeared rubber. Be them He then returned to relatives, who they send to make a box of wooden shape of the human body, which gets to the dead by placing it in a room of foot, resting on the wall. Embalming second-class, resin of cedar in the belly of the corpse, without opening or remove the intestines, is injected with a syringe and CAP to prevent the outflow of fluid. Then the body remains seventy days in soda salt, and when removed will release the liquid that comes out of the womb by dragging with intestines that has dissolved. Soda has eaten meat, no remains of the body more than skin and bones.