Production Company

And while working in a call-center girls occupy the client every second, one-track office managers in the next office may squander time, for hours. To avoid , the contact center is now seeking to integrate more deeply – with the internal business processes of the company. In this case, the procedure launched by operators of contact centers, permeate all other processes of the enterprise, and gap between the back and front office disappears. With these applications, insurance or any other company servicing the mass flow of client requests, begins to plan their interaction in the same way as Production Company plans to produce bricks or metal: creating a closed loop between the "product" (processed applications) that you want to make, and available resources that it requires attract. These business applications not only provide a seamless integration of front-and back-office, but also optimize your business processes. After the usual back-office uses a passive model of pull (from the word "pull"), when the employees themselves requiring the solution of choice and the process is not formalized.

The front office has long moved on to a more efficient model of push (push"), when the tasks are distributed among operators on clearly defined criteria and not depend on their personal preferences. New solutions for contact centers bring ideology push in the back office. Processes that are traditionally held by one manager, are broken into pieces and distributed to specialists in Depending on their qualifications. Thanks to such "intelligent routing" professionals concerned with what they do best, and the whole routine gets low-skilled workers.