Chief Economist PPK

What happened in Ecuador is a window here still much to investigate, because it is much in appearance the story and another truth; but that happened in Ecuador after many brutal dictatorships, it was decided to promote supposedly democratic elections. They presented Jaime Roldos (1981) who promised that the Ecuadorian nation’s resources would be for all Ecuadorians which earned him that he won by an overwhelming majority never seen before in the South of the continent. Upon assuming power he began to implement relevant policies that serve all resources to serve really to help Ecuadorians to emerge from poverty, which obviously do not like to the world gendarme, United States, and is immediately sent John Perkins who at that time served as an officer of the great private U.S. company, to convince him or corrupt it, as they tend to happen and the phrases that best plotted this situation Perkins gives it in his book: Okay, you can become very rich, if you and your family play our game, but if you try to continue with these policies that promised beam, you will have to go. As he persisted in implementing what they had promised, he was assassinated by the CIA (Central Intelligence-American). Some will say that it was an accident. But that is not true, because the scenario was prepared for his death, as a supposedly crash the plane that led to the President Ecuadorian Jaime Roldos, the only ones who intervened and cordoned off the area of the disaster were the members of the North American Base of Manta in Ecuador. Some witnesses who contradicted the official version, were mysteriously killed in two separate car accidents.

Then well work the Empire to continue enslaving the Nations. In the Peru fulfills the same function PPK or Pedro Pablo Kuscinsky, who has the same course than the previous described in lines above: 1.-Es the son of an immigrant Jewish, medical profession and Socialist ideas. Our generous motherland welcomed him without conditions of any kind. He became a teacher at San Marcos University. 2 PPK, appears in political life in the period of President Juan Velasco Alvarado, who took Peruvian nationality. This had to abscond for Tacna, in circumstances similar to Jorge Suchutz. 3 It appears as Minister of energy and mines during the second Government of Belaunde. Debt left behind by the Government of the armed forces.

in its two phases amounted to $780 million. When concluded Belaunde had grown to more than $7,500 million. The charge of this indebtedness was PPK. Ever argued that it had contracted for the construction of hydroelectric power plants. What are? 4.-After debt, PPK retired arguing that you returning to their country to oxygenate of economic resources, because their salary of Minister was very low. The media reported that he had returned to his post as Director of the Wells Fargo Bank. 5.-Toledo brought him to amend the terms of concession of Camisea natural gas, which fulfilled. Since then it has been in our country to oversee the running of the Ministry of economy and finance, both the current regime of Toledo. 6. Open unconditionally to Chilean capital, instead of being considered minor partner investment. Chilean investments amounted to more than US $6.5 billion.