Zapata Silva

Not in accordance with all this when someone called them by telephone or they were someone in the street, in the plaza where anduvieramos, immediately questioned them who called you? What I wanted it to? Why are you called? Who is? Of where what you know?, and many, many, more questions. With this attitude what did was to generate disgust in them because they felt that he was invading them completely and I, because I felt that they were hiding me many things and that they did not trust me and why did not respond to my questions. Both sides suffered much. Now that behavior has changed. I’ve stopped questioning them and when they want to tell me something then I hear and I give my point of view if you ask me. I did so because I started to think how I’d be treated me. Change the above behaviors made me feel free.

With regard to that freedom that I now feel I wrote the following: free as a bird that crosses the heavens so I feel today. Free addictions that make suffer. Cherished freedom, this day has been reached. The road is long, however I am not alone, my brothers in spirit travel the same path. At the professional level, the masters has also left fruits. This semester ending tried to work with my groups in a holistic manner.

I say tried because it was my first formal education holistic activity during a semester. After a look back, I realize there is things that improving, but in general I’m satisfied what I dared to do. I have several ideas of future plans. One of them is spread in a more formal way the holistic education, another is the form a Committee evaluator of the companies in the city (which was an idea contributed by Dr. Ramon Gallegos), one more follow me preparing to pursue PhD and another, finalized the paintings for an exhibition about human emotionswhich will consist of 15 works in watercolor and which have been suspended in recent months. Comes to my mind as follows: I am the bright and resplendent presence of God, without limitation, without time or age, without impurity and without blemish. I am health. I’m living, I’m harmony, I am abundance intelligence patience, am love. I am one with God and one with God is the most. Thank you for everything that I learned. It was a real pleasure to meet you. Brothers in spirit. Irene Zapata Silva.