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C my point of view, assembler – a work of art. Are only a step below the engine binary (and other) codes. Initially, the assembler was created as an alternative to binary code, which subsequently processed by the processor. Assembler you just write the commands from the list which is your program, which was subsequently execute processor. Command Examples: MOV EAX, EBX If we translate into native code, it will look like 8BC3 – is a normal hexadecimal code, it will perform its processing.

In general, any taken a program written in high level language (deletion. NET), converted to a hexadecimal code assembly. Question. So why do all the same assembly? Response. Due to the fact that any program written in high level language must be compiled, translated into machine code, different compilers handle this problem differently. Can to conduct a little experiment by writing a program in different languages with a single button, which closes the program and.

As a result of the compiler, I was able to observe the following: Delphi 5 – 291 kb C + + Builder 4 – 22 kb Assembler MASM – approximately 3 kb is obvious assembler save our memory)). We turn to the substantive issues in this article. Where and how to write in assembly language. In general, the compilation of the program sosotoit of 2-stages, the first, is to check the syntax of the object file creation and file Listing and second, the layout of the program. Immediately I hasten to warn those who are accustomed to higher kodit languages such as Delphi. Writing source code, you press F9 and you're working? In the assembly it is not so, and you have to do everything yourself, save your source is. asm file and then from the command line call linovschik and assembler. For work, I recommend the following tools: assembler, linker, MASM32 v9.0 (ml.exe, link.exe) and TASM32 v5.0 (tasm32.exe, tlink32.exe). Sources convenient to write in EmEditor Professional Version 4 versions, or in NOTEBOOK. We have the same reference to API functions that comes with MS SDK (Russian version does not even look!). Ugh, I think that's enough to start. I sincerely wish you success in all your endeavors! Since you were denniseltie.