Some of my readers have written me emails sharing with me that despite having all the desire to attract a couple to their lives, for outside or inside the Internet, use some hours of their lives in this dream, to love and be loved, this desire is not fulfilled, despite wish with all your heart. But. Why? What is the reason? Why you cannot have what your heart desired? In this article, I want to teach you how to think about: who you are, how your mind works and how you can align your thoughts to realize your dreams, you will discover how this learning can serve you to literally live in your dreams and make them, whatever they are. Who you are? Focus first on what you are, stop what you’re doing and answer me if I ask, who is, you your me responderias soy Juan Perez, but that thou not, thats only your name. Then you think again about my question and tell me, well I am Juan Perez, working in the Company X, as a collector, I live in an apartment, located in the street wyz, etc. But. that, nor that you are, that is what you have: work, profession, property. So who you really are? You are really a spirit, a soul, which lives in a body and have the ability to govern your life through your thoughts.

To that re-accionas? People react to our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Then human beings, we have two options: positive and negative thoughts. If your thoughts are negative, your feelings will also him accordingly. For example if your think: I’m ugly, old, fat, I don’t deserve it, etc. and an endless list of negative adjectives adjectives, your feelings about yourself are obviously sad and negative, therefore your vibration will be negative and what you attract into your life also!. As I lined up my dreams? There is no more effective and quick way to align to the dreams that connect your soul and body to a positive flow of thoughts.