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Marketing Audit Internet Site

When an Internet resource, so carefully built and maintained their own spins, do not give the expected results, and this situation is common in many businesses, be sure to make an order for the most complete analysis Internet project. The marketing audit of the site allows you to identify the vulnerabilities of the Internet project […]

Commercial Proposal

You often had to receive waivers from the potential customer after perfectly prepared, in your opinion, the commercial proposal for the development of the site? If you make websites in order, probably, such cases were, and likely the customer argument was: “it’s too expensive, I offer a much cheaper”. Familiar? Then let’s try to understand […]

Earnings On Affiliate Programs

Many times on the Internet come across sites that are built as a directory of information goods. Is a list of courses on DVD or versions for download with a description and a link to 'More …', which leads to a site's course. When only began work on the Internet, could not understand the meaning, […]

Attracting Site Visitors

Finally then, you're finished creating your website or blog on the Internet. Are you happy with yourself and expect that your work immediately evaluate a lot of visitors. And all of them no and no! How so? Is your website or blog is bad? Not at all! Today one of the most important aspects of […]

Urgent Change Europe

The neo-liberal model that is being followed to build and govern Europe times. And it is not surprising that the rulers do not have ideas. They have years mulling the same and without success: more flexible market, lower wages, promote capital and what they have done is in sight. Today there are more poor people […]

Powerful Traffic Generator

How to increase traffic to your site, many owners of web-sites hurts this question. If the day comes to you 15 or 50 visitors a very very small. On the other hand, as long as you need to host a day, what purpose you put yourself? Good trafikovy flow is 500 or more visitors a […]

Professional Website

Can I make a professional website on joomla? I can safely say that – yes you can! Sites for Joomla is a set of specific scripts developed using the programming language php. Sites for Joomla have unlimited possibilities for the structure and functional, the ability to connect additional modules and components, which currently has more […]

Format Establish Newsletter

Sign the publishers or editors list some names in the administrative section of each issue with which your readers may communicate or interact. 3. More info: Hillary Clinton. Choose the name of who is sending the newsletter. If a person's name, the name of the newsletter or on behalf of business – determine which resonate […]

Tyumen Market Building Sites

The Tyumen market building sites, only 10% of all firms can provide customers with high quality for this service – the rest of the company – "slag" (makes the site an average or low quality). Ie, basically, only the 10% and get major orders (80%) on the creation of websites other firms in general h.z […]


Therefore, clearly it makes sense do the calculation on a qualitative approach to everything in the first place to create personal Flash video player without advertising his own hands. About this and will be discussed below. But first, to avoid misunderstanding and everything fell in its place, here's a good example See, you have mounted […]