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Leadership – 5 Benefits Of Personal Development Planning

The best leaders know they must continue to evolve and grow to fulfill their true capacity. In the current economic climate, where there is increasing demand for leaders to make and implement important decisions, the need for personal development planning is probably more important than ever. But what are the five key advantages of approaching […]

United States Congress

U.S. embargo against Cuba trade embargo, economic and financial U.S. against Cuba (also known in Cuba as the crash) was partially imposed in October 1960. Initially the ban was a response to the expropriations by Cuba of properties of citizens and U.S. companies on the island. In February 1962, the United States intensified the measures […]


The idea is to publish what you think in the way of thinking. Instantaneity For some writers, including writing for a weekly magazine may seem like taking ages to print. With a weblog, you hit the send key and out. Interactivity is a failure to receive comments from people who have taken interest to read […]

A Blog Isn’t Just For Christmas

I was watching the news on TV last night and had a warning about buying puppies as Christmas gifts. There is nothing worse than visiting the kennels in the new year and see all the unwanted dogs that were selected as gifts because they were so cute in time. It reminded me of people who […]

Relevance Of Market Management

General, basic considerations a Each country presents its own economic and commercial properties, where it manifests a dynamic, encompassing opportunities, changes, challenges, threats and in which the operating companies must be ready to serve , so that they encourage and work with economic development environment in which they operate. Venezuela a our case, is presented […]

Your Clothes Tell A Story About You

How do you dress? What do I wear? “Brightness or luster? “Wear long or short? Fantasy “fine or jewelry? “Black or white? “Portfolio on or small? These are some of the questions that sometime in life we do. Sometimes we can cause confusion when you receive an invitation to an event and we are not […]