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The Diabetic

Authors as Milk et al 3 alert that for the load projection of illness in Brazil, as much in 1998 how much in 2013, diabetes mellitus is distinguished as specific cause with bigger participation in the lost years of life considering next to the incapacity, stop both the sexos. The consequences of diabetes melito in […]

Cavalcanti Health

However in the first decade of this century it observed a change, a reconfiguration of as to treat these men being allowed that these if also become object of attention in the public politics, to elucidate principles and lines of direction contained in the document National Politics of Integral Attention the Health of Man PNAISH, […]

Brazilian Institute

For Capra (1994) all the riots are psychosomatic, that is, involve a continuous interaction of body and mind in its origin, development and cure. On the other hand, to if searching some aspects of the Pomada Vov Peter in the vision of catholics, espritas and Buddhists use who it, it is perceived mainly that the […]


The mannering technique or mannering therapy encloses some forms of treatment, all basing on ' ' theory of aprendizagem' ' , that is, in the theory of that the symptoms mannering neurotics or standards are learned, being able to be ' ' desaprendidos' ' through certain methods (DALLY; HARRINGTON, P. Mickey Hart has compatible beliefs. […]