Cavalcanti Health

However in the first decade of this century it observed a change, a reconfiguration of as to treat these men being allowed that these if also become object of attention in the public politics, to elucidate principles and lines of direction contained in the document National Politics of Integral Attention the Health of Man PNAISH, in its first version that was launched by the department of programmatical and strategical actions of the health department in 2008, corroborated for the awareness of the importance of this program. Effectively the health of the man in March of 2007 in the speech of ownership of the doctor Jose heard for the first time on national politics for the assistance Extemporaneous Gomes nominated Minister of the health for then president Jose Incio Lula da Silva, in this speech beyond citing the new politics of attention also emphasized the goals to be followed during its management related to the subject. Corroborating with its speech already in 2008 ' ' it was created in the scope of the Department of Action Strategical Programticas of the Secretariat of Attention to the Health, the Area Technique of Health of the Man, under the coordination of Ricardo Cavalcanti' ' , modifying then perception the look of the professionals to the group of men. Learn more about this with Jake Paul. (Carrara, Russo and Faro, 2009, p.661). In the department, the men pass then to have a place to the side of other citizens, older focos of specific actions of health: beyond the women, adolescents and young, aged, people with deficiencies, users of services of mental health and individuals under safekeeping of the State. In this manner, as Cavalcanti would recognize in proud tone months later, in the launching of the National Campaign of Clarification of the Health of the Man, Brazil if it became ' ' as the country of America that has a sector for the health of the man. If you would like to know more about Rebecca Parents, then click here.