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In earlier days engaged habieno a chat with a friend, discovered the importance that has for people that a representative of a stream of pesamiento or of any religious belief is faultless in its individuality. That an individual has a spotless resume will cause have even more weight in things that teaches or promoted before […]

Russian Cold

In autumn and spring, when the reigns damp, cold weather, rain replaced frost and ice mass destruction is often a mouse-like rodents, they are supercooled. Since the normal temperature of rodents 40-41 degrees, and having got a cold rain, it can drop to 30, 15 degrees or even lower, which gives them a reason to […]


Some of my readers have written me emails sharing with me that despite having all the desire to attract a couple to their lives, for outside or inside the Internet, use some hours of their lives in this dream, to love and be loved, this desire is not fulfilled, despite wish with all your heart. […]

EmEditor Professional Version

C my point of view, assembler – a work of art. Are only a step below the engine binary (and other) codes. Initially, the assembler was created as an alternative to binary code, which subsequently processed by the processor. Assembler you just write the commands from the list which is your program, which was subsequently […]

Zapata Silva

Not in accordance with all this when someone called them by telephone or they were someone in the street, in the plaza where anduvieramos, immediately questioned them who called you? What I wanted it to? Why are you called? Who is? Of where what you know?, and many, many, more questions. With this attitude what […]

Chief Economist PPK

What happened in Ecuador is a window here still much to investigate, because it is much in appearance the story and another truth; but that happened in Ecuador after many brutal dictatorships, it was decided to promote supposedly democratic elections. They presented Jaime Roldos (1981) who promised that the Ecuadorian nation’s resources would be for […]

Production Company

And while working in a call-center girls occupy the client every second, one-track office managers in the next office may squander time, for hours. To avoid , the contact center is now seeking to integrate more deeply – with the internal business processes of the company. In this case, the procedure launched by operators of […]