In earlier days engaged habieno a chat with a friend, discovered the importance that has for people that a representative of a stream of pesamiento or of any religious belief is faultless in its individuality. That an individual has a spotless resume will cause have even more weight in things that teaches or promoted before the society. Have do on few occasions we qualified to a Minister of a church for his behavior to others outside the scope? or many times have disowned any character by its immediate past, knowing their acts or actions, which can be strong in their results?, understandably repudiation before certain actions to certain human behaviors, but truly difficult is to only believe in education and not in who teaches. To do so will remember some of the characteristics of the followers to Jesus Christ, it only at the historical level, had we would have found characters who were not alien to public life, we recognize Celotas, fishing, collecting taxes and even trackers themselves believers of the teacher, and these only are well-paid so far had rapprochement with Jesus. Now the weight of criticism becomes greater because the fact of our faith falls on one person ocacionara that if that person is good way, it will be followed, but if such a person is strong in his dealings, you lose followers, in the same way, if a leader you painted the life of pink, this will be the most remembered in history, but if becomes a reality, which is not very encouraging, exhibitor will be auiqtado of enmedio. Then I reiterate my position which is: as it is belief follow the person by its own characteristics and not by what achieved inside others, putting aside subjective thought, we will continue falling in the big mistake of not knowing more thoroughly and more accurate way the true teaching, be it positive or negative. Original author and source of the article