The Teamwork

Simple but substantial. With a philosophy of never give up no matter the adversity, is one of the best series that I have memories, images and very good quality graphics which until today continues to improve (saga Hades) exalts the teamwork, effort and discipline. His characters of personalities that initially look very different, with the time unified by a common purpose, fight for peace and justice, even if it means fighting for them. It is not so difficult to understand the psychology of each character are very basic, and that made a success in the early 1990s, something that many today remember with a certain amount of nostalgia, very good anime, the best of Knights of the zodiac. Referenced has martial arts like wrestling, kung fu and box. Dragon ball. There are three stages of this series; Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Gt, but which most recalls with emotion no doubt is Z. More nurtured in regard in plot and argument, although less on graphics and images to Knights of the Zodiac, is the story of Goku, an orphan boy who becomes an excellent Warrior, even capable of defending the Earth from invaders, who Interestingly enough also know martial arts with the passing of the years. It makes emphasis on values such as effort, discipline, overcoming, and even values shortly considered as perseverance and forgiveness (for example when Goku brings a bit of his power to Freezer it to survive the explosion of the planet Namek, has despite being an evil character who killed many people). His characters although simple resemble a reality more next to ours, the only one who is completely well is Goku, others have personality flaws that are very noticeable in the history; Krillin in the beginning is quite dishonest, evil Piccolo, Vegeta evil and proud, too innocent and clumsy Gohan, Trunks conceited and master Roshi a degenerate consummate, to cite just a few examples.