The Word

Joo: 1:14: ' ' the Verb if made meat, and inhabited between us, full of favour and truth; we saw its glory, as the glory of the unignito of the Pai' '. c. The Espirito Santo is Really? Jo. 14:17: ' ' namely, the Spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive; because it does not see it knows nor it; but know it, because it inhabits with you, and will be in vs' '. Joo 15:16: ' ' When to come the Comforter, who will send I you of the part of the Father, the Spirit of the truth, who of the Father proceeds, this will give certification of mim' '. d. The Word of God is Really? Jo. 17:17: ' ' Santifica them in the truth, your word is verdade' '.

5. BENEFITS OF WHO USA the TRUTH. Sample justice and straightness? Pv. 12:17: ' ' Who says to the manifest truth justice; however the false witness produces fraude' '. b. They will remain forever? Pv. 12:19: ' ' The lip veraz remains forever; but the language hard liar only one momento' '. c.

It is the pleasure of God? Pv. 12:22: ' ' The lying lips are abominable the Mr.; but the ones that practise the truth are its deleite' '. d. It reaches release? Jo. 8:32,36: ' '. .e you will know the truth, and it will free you to the truth If, therefore, to free you to the Son, truily you will be livres' ' 6. OUR OBLIGATIONS FOR EAT TRUTH. To adore the God in Really? Jo. 4:24: ' ' God is Spirit, and is necessary that the ones that adore it adore it in spirit and verdade' '. Salmos 145:18: ' ' Close he is you of all the ones invoke that it, of all the ones invoke that it in verdade' '.