Specialist Profession

Qualification specialist for hold-open systems and the competent person for the inspection of fire doors in the HDT combined an (electrically controlled) locking system has the task to determine self-closing fire doors and gates as well as smoke barriers reliably open and raise possible time in the event of a fire at the earliest opportunity, so that a fire not can spread into neighboring areas. She must be kept by the operator at any time work and is to undergo regular after regular time intervals of a function test and maintenance by a (verifiable) competent person. The relevant DIN standard 14677 here pretends the period not exceeding three months and the interval for the maintenance interval for the function test the period of one year or less. Advanced manufacturer’s instructions must be observed E.g. in accordance with operating instructions. This is their normal for autonomous locking systems as well as for hold-open systems, In addition to fire alarm systems are switched on. The standard describes the requirements specialist for hold-open systems continue as a person authorized to carry out the testing of two types.

During the two-day event, the participants receive independent to the periodic inspection of the fire protection and smoke protection accounts and making sure right the required expertise in the form of required according to DIN 14677 and necessary knowledge. The essential legal basis on this subject are listed in addition to the technical bases and possible damage aspects. Also, the competent person is illuminated closer with their tasks, rights and obligations and their responsibilities. The seminar is particularly suitable for: service, maintenance and service personnel employees who perform periodic tests of fire doors and gates as well as necessary checks of the hold-open systems according to the DIBt guidelines to interested fire, fire Commissioner People receive information the detailed program of events those interested in the House of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-9 (woman’s Meadow), E-Mail: or on the Internet at hdt-essen.de/W-h050 s GB-03-524-3 press contact House of technology e.V., Dipl.-ing. Kai Brombach Geah Road 1, 45127 Essen Tel. 0201 18 03 251, fax. 0201 18 03 269 E.Mail: Internet: