Russian Cold

In autumn and spring, when the reigns damp, cold weather, rain replaced frost and ice mass destruction is often a mouse-like rodents, they are supercooled. Since the normal temperature of rodents 40-41 degrees, and having got a cold rain, it can drop to 30, 15 degrees or even lower, which gives them a reason to die. Well experienced mice and voles dry snowy winter, with no significant temperature changes, when the melting snow does not become severe frosts. Nest (burrow), rodents are good protection not only from enemies (predatory birds and animals), but the heat and cold. If you look at the history of our state, at the time of pre-revolutionary Russia, then we can see that in years of outbreak of murine rodents, where they multiplied so fast and getting them so much that they can be found not only in the fields, and even on roads where their wheels riding carts can be easily crushed. Rodents in those days occupied the house, storage of grain and grain, and even attacked domestic animals and consequently on small defenseless children. Hide from them is very difficult, because they can easily cross the streams and rivers. Voracious rodents in these years absolutely ate the entire crop, and the population of these places starving because of a mouse plague. Settled the mouse around and witnessed what a Russian fairy tale Terem Therefore, we can rejoice in the mouse by a sharp winter temperature fluctuations, as a phenomenon that directly makes us good, well-fed by more of our lives.