Therefore, clearly it makes sense do the calculation on a qualitative approach to everything in the first place to create personal Flash video player without advertising his own hands. About this and will be discussed below. But first, to avoid misunderstanding and everything fell in its place, here's a good example See, you have mounted your video. You have it in a hurry filled at one of the video resources, copied out the proposed code with advertising on the service, put on your site and relaxed. That is, you're on your connection speed to the internet to see your creation is not paying attention to advertising and freezes, hoping that its unchecked will see thousands of potential customers and be interested in your proposal.

Indeed, visitors and potential customers, who rate lower than your internet, you go to, click on Play, watch videos inhibitory, then shake on advertising in the player and go wander around the other does not thematic videos from the service. At the same time bring to your attention – they go away once and for all, because: 1. Video constantly retarding 2. Video quality after conversion – a very bad 3. At the end of watching the player you all while spinning different advertising, which makes your potential customer to click on it and leave your page.

Or in other words – this is called loss of potential customers and the image of your resource. Whatever quality and style your video was not, from him will not be leaning on when no one else sees. Or after agonizing waiting and watching will go for advertising on a competitor's site. Where is the exit from this situation? How to make so that the Flash-video is played fast in any of your future customers, even at the lowest speed Internet connection? Upon completion of thorough studies and audits conducted by us over the past three years, we have invented own algorithm, which allows you to create any great Flash-video-animation from scratch, which almost instantly downloaded to the very low speed connections to any sites on the Internet. So, now not necessarily be a genius to design their own original Flash-video-clips and professionally to position them in the network.