Vapour Barrier

Over the insulation on the inside mount and vapor control layer (IZOSPAN or plastic wrap). Vapor mounted on bearing structural elements (rafters, beams, frame uprights). Installation is a bottom-up panels with horizontal overlap with an overlap of at least 100 mm, all seams taped vapor barrier should be germeteziruyuschimi ribbons. Breaks vapor barrier is not allowed, leaks and cuts should be sealed. Vapour Barrier membrane from the inside secure wooden slats or metal rails kontrobreshetki. Mount the finishing (drywall, siding, etc.). INSULATION PEREKRYTIYPoly above the basement ceiling with insulation mineral wool LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LIGHT LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT LAYNROK or fit into the space on the surface mezhbalochnoe shield the deck (roll forward).

The order of installation: Cut the slab LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LIGHT LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT LAYNROK or a sharp knife to the required size (the distance between the joists). Place the slabs between the beams at rolling surface. Secure the top of vapor barrier film. Install flooring and floor covering. With insulation of an existing basement floor, indiscriminately laid on the ground floor floor insulation plates are mounted on the part of the basement served. The order of installation: Attach a vapor barrier material with overlapping fabric at 100 mm to the existing binder basement ceiling with thin wooden slats. Mount the pieces of wood with the step corresponding to the size of the heater.

Plates LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LIGHT LAYNROK or LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT vraspor set between the bars and secure with wooden slats or wire net. If necessary, obsheyte design boards from the cellar. Attic and floor decks mineral wool LAYNROK LIGHT EFFECT, LIGHT LAYNROK OPTIMAL LIGHT LAYNROK or can be used as nenagruzhaemoy insulation in attic floor unit on a wooden base and sound insulation in intermediate floors. The order of installation: Thermal insulation boards are placed between the joists on the vapor barrier binder layer at the ceiling.