IT Service Provider CEMA Is Growing By More Than 50 Percent

Location Berlin’s tenth year – since the site was founded in 2001 for the CEMA Berlin continuously to above. Since the site was founded in 2001 is CEMA Berlin for the steadily upward. So, the IT service provider in the financial year 2010 reports a turnover of 1.9 million euros. The half-year figures show a growth rate of more than 50% for the current fiscal year 2011! By the end of 2011 ten colleagues at the site in Treptow directly on the river Spree will offer services related to the IT infrastructure. The rapid growth leap is based in the first half of 2011 especially by winning new customers”, so Falk Tettner, Managing Director of the CEMA Berlin. Particularly in the media industry and public institutions is very deeply involved.

the CEMA” Long-standing partnerships with the customers are characteristic for the company. We take the Federal Association of Arbeiterwohlfahrt”, explains Tettner. We have constantly supported the Association over the years on the way to a sustainable, efficient IT. In addition to ongoing The migration was last conducted from Novell to Windows Server 2008 infrastructure issues. Very successful the CEMA also cooperates with an international accounting firm on the application delivery over classic Terminal Services and desktop virtualization projects. The CEMA Berlin group is one of nine locations of CEMA headquartered in Mannheim.

A total of 160 salaried employees 2010 generated an annual turnover of over 28 million euro. Thus, CEMA belongs to the leading mid-sized IT service providers in Germany. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the company has specialized in IT networks and infrastructure and offers the four service packages IT consulting, IT solutions, IT services and IT procurement. In addition, the CEMA IT offers service center IT-services, cloud and data center services, helpdesk and 24/7 support. The six strategic IT the CEMA include client management, data management, server management, security management, security & access, collaboration & mobility and infrastructure. You are subject to a constant adaptation to the needs of the market and make the knowledge base for all CEMA service packages. In the area of virtualization, the CEMA belongs to the few IT service providers, which can dominate virtualization technologies for applications, desktops, servers, and storage since 1995 resort to project experience. So it is not surprising that the CEMA in almost all well-known manufacturers can demonstrate highest certifications and thus best customer service. And something else distinguishes the CEMA in a special way: the IT service provider is a complete satisfaction guarantee at no additional charge! With the satisfaction guarantee, customers receive additional security to tackle innovation projects. What is the strategy for the next few years? Our strategy is growth and expansion of specialist knowledge in the areas of virtualization and cloud”, so Falk Tettner. This is where the path will go. We examine the latest technologies, digging deep into it for our customers, give them that edge and Competitive advantages”. Who wants to meet the CEMA, is invited to visit one of the regularly scheduled IT.foren. Information and registration possibility under