Alston Train

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – After the privatization of National Railroads of Mexico in 1997 that even could cost the life to him to the leader Praxedis Fraustro Esquivel in 1993 the trains of passengers disappeared in a forceful backward movement in that sector. While the countries of first world bet to the quick trains, like which it finishes inaugurating just married Nicholas Sarkosy, President of France. One is a train constructed by the Alston company that reaches a speed of 360 kilometers per hour with a futurist design and a traction in each wagon that it eliminates the call spins a top of the train. If our Mexican and foreign industralists invested in trains of high speed for passengers, would round up the tourism towards the Mexican mosaic of province and would communicate better the towns to which he stopped serving. The trip to the City of Mexico in extinct the Regiomontano became in 14 hours and was a delight the trip for those who lives the life without the personal marking on the stress of the days of today. But the times have changed, doubtlessly, not therefore the mentality of our industralists who do not see profitable the train of passengers.

There per 1977, the called car Ultimo Government of the Revolution, tried to modernize the railroad but it projected derailed in the middle of ineptitude and corruption. They are the left electrical wagons in the city of Quertaro, like dumb witnesses on the last attempt of change of via. Imagnese: the chief of a main directorate of railroads was simultaneously the ferrocarrilero leader of the workers. Luis Go’mez Z., obtained so questionable feat. Although it is certain that the Mexican Revolution became to a large extent in railroad, also is it that Ernesto Zedillo Ponce of Leon buried the railway transport when being sold it to the industralists who use only it for the mobilization of merchandise. Thus, it will be necessary to go to Europe to travel in the trains of greater speed and comfort of our days, because in Mexico that use of transport is for familiar anecdote of oldest of the house. To the Carrier The damage to the rural towns that were isolated with the suspension of the train of passengers, not yet has been assessed. Original author and source of the article.