The Profession

Figure 1? Graph that presents the professions of integrant of the project the Women A thousand Figure 01 specifies the profession of the integrant ones of the project, 62.16% of the pupils works, 16.21% exert activities as the artesanato it fishes and it of shellfish and 45.94% exert other activities. However, the artisan activities appear as an alternative, therefore they can contribute for the monthly income of all, since, they would not influence in the professional activities of the same ones. As well as, it would serve as a profession for that they do not work. It fishes it of shellfish is the craft of some pupils, beyond being one of the economic activities of the City of Bayeux. However, the residues of this practical are harmful to the environment and the public health, if it will not have a correct destination. The work raises given on this destination. Figure 2? Demonstrative graph of the final disposal of the shellfish rind Amongst the places for deposit of this residue, the ones that if detach are strips of land (33.33%), sea (20%) and others (40%). Amongst these ‘ ‘ outros’ ‘ if they find some stories of disposal of these residues in manguezais, evidencing a great ambient impact, that has as consequence the pollution of the fauna and flora of this ecosystem.

These data show to the necessity of a work of awareness with these fishing and the development of viable solutions for this problem. Inside of the project Women A thousand already it has an education directed toward the environment. That is ratified for Figure 03, that it demonstrates activities that benefit the environment. Amongst them the ecological soap, that was a proposal of the project. Beyond of selective collection, compostagem and recycling.