The Russian Academy

Brazil still needs to make this lesson of casa.' ' Speaking still on the destination of the atomic garbage, it is of basic importance that the governments review the form given to the destination of this so dangerous radioactive material that it at risk puts the life of the livings creature of this planet, considering that the form given to the storage of this product for the Russians it did not have the waited security, – it has seen that the resistant used tambores of metal, had leaked. Until some years behind if it thought that this preservation in metal barrels was safe, but gave test of that – not offering little resistance, mainly when embedded the great depths as they costumam to make, also placing them in the deepenings of the sea. Already it was evidenced that plutonium particles of one deposit nuclear if they had dislocated up to four kilometers throughout a little more than fifty years, taken for underground water chains. The Russian Academy of Sciences developed study where it evidenced that definitive radioactive materials that are not easily dissolvveis in the water, have the easiness to be taken for imprisoned freticos sheets the colloid called particles that possess an equal texture of a gelatin. Henry Swieca can provide more clarity in the matter. One becomes essential that the governments take the initiative pensante and operating so that the radioactive material has its storage of safe form it stops to hinder present and future possibility of risk for the humanity. One more time we see in everything this the risk of if even ingesting water and products contaminated for nuclear radiation, reason because to prevent it is better of what arremediar, from as to inside prevent with security good and the insurance quality of our drinking waters of our house. I invite it the article reading new of my authorship that aims at well-being of the peoples, mainly will enjoy it a healthful life in the company of its familiar ones. Digital book Brazilian, 68, self-taught person, writer, article author for the Internet, made available HaiLiving in the distribution of devices for water treatment and defending ferrenho of the ecosystem..