Water Source

In the European summer, for example, if it has verified an intense wave of heat, provoking even though child and death aged (www. sepesquisa.com.ge ografia). Some conferences on the Environment, already had been carried through alerting the world, as of Bali (Indonesia), Copenhagen? Coris (Denmark) among others, and little has left the paper. One of most important was of Kioto, carried through in Japan, where the signed protocol, turned international agreement with objective to reduce the emission of pollutants, that increases the effect greenhouse in the planet. This entered in vigor in 16 of February of 2005.

The main target, is that the reduction of the globe temperature occurs, in the next years. Unhappyly the United States, country that emits greater amount of pollutants in the world, did not accept the agreement, therefore it affirmed that it would harm the industrial development of the country. The solutions exist, to diminish the fuel use fssus (gasoline, diesel, kerosene); to increase the use of biocombustveis (biodiesel and etanol); to install system has controlled of emission of pollutant gases; to extend the generation of clean energies (hydroelectric plant, aeolian, solar, nuclear etc); to expand the garbage collection; to reuse and to recycle, beyond not practising the deforestation. Constructions of ecological building, and other more they are in studies, what it lacks is will politics. The Campaign of the Fraternity annually is carried through by the Church Catholic Roman in Brazil, always in the period of quaresma. Its objective is to awake the solidarity of its faithful and the society in relation to a problem concrete that involves the Brazilian society, searching ways and solution. To each year a subject is chosen, that defines the concrete reality to be transformed, being co-ordinated for the CNBB. In some time, it if it has worried about the ambient subjects, where we can mark points in historical spaces that deal with a subject, Fraternity and Land (1986), Water (Water Source of Life), 2004, Amaznia (2007) etc., where the concern is attributed to the preservation of the planet land.