Instructions For Dummies Or Gifts Programmer

Computer in our time is in each office, the office, the department of any company. And though each of us more or less owns the work on the pc, but there is such an elite profession, as a programmer. Without which thousands of different cases, we do not do! 256-day year (12 September 2008) – their professional holiday! You have decided to congratulate on the occasion of her husband, programmer, friend or acquaintance? The main thing that must be remembered picking up a gift to the programmer that These people are obsessed with their profession. And they often need to be reminded of the need to break away from the computer to eat or sleep, walking in the street or a trip on the nature of the sport or a hike with a girl in the theater. They are often forget about the needs of his body being carried away by the decision of another puzzling problem. And their passion for their profession, make up, even jokes: collected programmers break.

Sit and beaten for half an hour talking about computers. Then one of them exclaims: – Guys, we're all about computers, but about computers Let's talk about women! – Exactly! Come on! Here I am yesterday, those hyphae with women downloaded! Well, what can I say 🙂 So, our task, make a gift that at least for a little to distract them, and return from the virtual world into reality. You can certainly try to find out about the preferences of your friend.