Pakistani Brain

of the California of the South), between its research, called osprogramas harmful codes as ‘ ‘ Virus of Computador’ ‘. 1987 Surge the first Virus of written Computer pordois brothers: Basit and Amjad that were baptized as ‘ Brain’ , although also serconhecido as: Lahore, Brain it, Pakistani, Pakistani Brain, and UIU. OVrus registered Brain as ‘ Virus of Boot’ , hard disk infectava the sector of incializaodo, and its propagation was through a floppy that occupied 3k, when boot occurred, it moved to the address of memria’ ‘ 0000: 7C00h’ ‘ of the Bios that executed automatically it. 1988 Surge first Antivrus, for> Aparece the Dark Avenger, which comes the computers contaminandorapidamente, I ruin but it is well slow, allowing it vruspasse that it unobserved. IBM supplies the first commercial antivirus. At the beginning doano of 1989, only 9% of the searched companies had a virus.

In the doano end, this number came to 63%. 1992 Michelangelo, the first virus to appear in the media. It is programmed to sobregravar parts of the units of hard disk criandopastas and archives with false contents in 6 of March, day of the doartista birth of the Renaissance. The software sales antivirus had gone up quickly. 1994 Name of the Pathogen virus, made in England, rastreado for the Scotland Yard and condemned the 18 months of arrest. The author of a virus is first vezque is processed by spreading annihilating code.> Name of the Concept virus, the first virus of macro. Writing in language Word beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code of Microsoft, can be executed in qualquerplataforma with Word – PC or Macintosh. The Concept if spreads easily, therefore they sereplicam atravz of the sector of boot, spreading for all the arquivosexecutaveis. 1999 the Chernobyl virus, deleta the access the dedisco unit and does not leave the user to have access to the system.