Building Regulations

Panel building, constructed in the 60 -90 years and the more recent panel buildings need repair and seal joints interpanel. The space between the panels must be filled, and the seam should be sealed, otherwise between panels and cracks in the panels gets wet, ice is formed and the building collapses. On Building Regulations and Standards sealing joints should be performed every two years. If the conduct cosmetic repairs seams, then removed old sealant and sealing the joints produced by applying new sealant. But sometimes repair joints and the sealing and insulation joints are not made for quite a long time. In this case, requires major repairs and joints interpanel sealing seams. The space between the panels filled with various houses in different ways. Homes built in the 60s stop up tow.

In more recent buildings seam sealed with a solution or domestic sealant. C years of wind, moisture and ice destroy interpanel filler and the building needs repair and sealing of joints interpanel seams. Carrying out major repairs joints, must remove the old sealant, remove the filler from the interpanel space. That is, clean the seam of the old solution, hemp, etc. After this it is necessary to fill the seam velatermom, foam or plaster it when building prefabricated houses and sealing insulation joints is not carried out properly. Thermal insulation joints is absent or not done qualitatively using materials do not comply. Sealing and insulation joints done with cement mortar, but not sealing mastic and vilatermom. Therefore, the joint gets moisture condensate and water is flowing from the roof.

The walls of the flat flow and mist formed fungus and mold. In the winter in this room is cold and damp. Therefore, quality sealing joints and seams interpanel warming – It’s Your Health!