Construction Bio

This flame retardant immediately became increasingly popular among professional builders in the tree. Senezh gained popularity in the Soviet times when the required effective flame retardant. The material is designed to Senezh ognebio comprehensive fire protection and biosecurity wood – fire protection, flame propagation and decay, as an antiseptic against mold, blue stain and insect drevotochtsev indoors and outdoors (under cover) in hygroscopic moisture and condensation without any contact with the soil, atmospheric precipitation, soil moisture. May be used Senezh ognebio to protect wooden walls of the house both inside and from outside the premises. Processed Senezh walls may be exposed to atmospheric precipitation. Retardant Senezh ognebio deepens and penetrates deeply into wood to form a saturated thickness of the active components of the protective layer inhibits the development of agents and preventing the ignition of biodamage wood, flame-Senezh bio Construction of wooden houses made of logs is much faster than simply hewn. Second, the exterior walls made of logs look neater, and the house turns warmer. Antiseptic bio Senezh designed for enhanced protection of wood against rot, mold, and blue insect drevotochtsev when used in direct contact with humans and pets indoors and outdoors in severe moisture conditions, prolonged exposure to atmospheric or soil moisture.

Antiseptic bio Senezh used for the treatment of new and previously treated with an antiseptic wooden houses, log cabins and domestic buildings. Treated bio Senezh wooden house will serve their owner for much longer. Another antiseptic bio Senezh not use on surfaces previously coated with varnish, paint, varnish or other film-forming or water-repellent materials. That should keep in mind acquiring any antiseptic especially for water-based. CDS, and Antiseptic Antiseptic flame retardant and a flame retardant DCC DCC is an aqueous solution retardants, as well as targets, including highly antiseptic and biocidal ingredients and processing aids. DCC in the Russian market for over 10 years and has proved its effectiveness.