PVC Panels

Equipment necessary to implement the first technology is a highly specialized and is only suitable for the production of PVC panels. The technology of such production is largely identical to the technology production of steel sandwich panels for semi-automated line stream type. The equipment necessary for the implementation of the second technology less specialized, but has a lesser capacity to mean low-level automation (elementwise assembly). In this equipment can manufacture structural insulated panels (SIPs) with lining of cement-bonded (DSP) or a focused-particle (CAP) plates. For the production of PVC sandwich panels is most commonly used technology piecemeal assembly.

The technology of production of PVC sandwich panels with sheet material is as follows: 1. Adhesive for PVC sheet 2. Laying polystyrene, PVC sheet 3. Adhesive for polystyrene, 4. Laying of PVC sheet for polystyrene 5. Pressing the panel, the two most common methods of applying adhesive. First – adhesive glue installation of PVC sheet in the process of moving from one drive roller conveyor to the second roller, then, for the second phase of PVC sheet should be passed on to a special assembly table with mounting lugs, fixing the sheet.

Another method involves gluing glue installation, Painting Heating head which moves on rails along the timeline, which is PVC sheet, which eliminates the roller and shifting the panel on the timeline. For pressing the panel applied a variety of solutions. The most expensive – hand press. The most modern and expensive are the pneumatic and hydraulic presses transmission type.