Prefabricated Sheds

For the erection of prefabricated sheds enough and lightweight foundation. The more massive structure, the more powerful it must be the foundation – it is an unquestionable truth, which, in turn, affects its the final price. For example, during the construction of a stone building in a floor on the foundation costs amount to about 20% of its full price. Prefabricated sheds represent a building made of steel arches, and to maintain them there the need for deeper and more expensive, the foundation, will be enough and cheaper tape, pile or columnar. Prefabricated sheds significantly reduced transportation costs. Logistics solutions one of the toughest of any construction. Costs for delivery of large construction sites are a very important part of total expenditure on the construction of the building.

At the same time, transport steel coils or finished welded I-beams will cost significantly more to the Client is cheaper than transportation of ready-made arches. During the construction of prefabricated sheds, arches – bearing, or cover – possibly produce on the spot erection hangar. Prefabricated sheds do not need to be repaired. Arched hangars prefabricated waterproof, they completely meet the requirements of wind and snow loads, fire-resistant and excellent resist corrode over their entire useful life (which is not less than 50 years!) Prefabricated sheds – is compressed to the maximum extent possible and reasonable cost of construction labor. A team consisting of 5-7 man erects building a 1,000 square meters for a total of 20 days. Prefabricated sheds can be both cold and warmed, depending on where they are used and the goals set before a customer. scope and your goals, in addition, they can be installed any equipment you need (ventilation, refrigerators, heaters).